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  • “This was one of the best CLEs you have provided.  Please bring this presenter back again.” — Attorney Hera W.
  • “The instructor exhibited great expertise in the field of employment law, and presented the program in the most interesting manner.” — Attorney Stanford H.
  • “Absolutely one of the best CLE classes I’ve taken. Very thorough and informative.” — Attorney Matt M.

— Labor & Employment Law Update (7 CLE hours), McDevitt & Kline Inc.


  • “This professor was absolutely fantastic….  This was a great course.”
  • “This professor did an excellent job and I looked forward to learning the material taught in this course.”
  • “I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed the course and how beneficial it is going to be to my career.”
  • “It was truly a pleasure to be in Professor Castagnera’s class.”

—  Human Resource Management, Fall Semester 2015, Drexel University Law School


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  • “You can’t improve upon perfection”
  • “The class was great, no improvements needed.”
  • “Nothing, loved him!”

— Human Resource Management, Fall Semester 2016, Drexel University Law School


“Dr. Castagnera did a truly remarkable job with this course.  The course material was challenging and relevant for our prospective careers.  I must say I would recommend to every student in my department that they should take this course.  The course was actually fun with respect to analyzing new information.”

— Civil Liberties and National Security, Summer Session 2017, Rider University


Managing Campus Dissent in This New Age of Student Activism and Political Controversy
Best For: Higher Education
Date/Time: 1/18/2018, 1 PM Eastern
Presenter(s): James Ottavio Castagnera, Ph.D. and Attorney at Law
Price: $299.00 webinar, $349.00 CD or Digital Download, $399.00 webinar and CD or Digital Download. Each option may be viewed by an unlimited number of attendees in one room. CD or DL includes full audio presentation, question and answer session, and presentation slides. CD and DL subject to a $5.95 handling charge.
Summary: Please join Dr. Jim Castagnera for a very timely webinar that discusses your own state of readiness as you prepare for the next unforeseen crisis looming around the corner.

James Ottavio Castagnera, J.D., Ph.D., has spent nearly 30 years practicing, writing about, and teaching law. He has been a faculty member at several institutions and a communication director at an R1 university, and is currently a key administrator at Rider University.


The financial officer is often the company’s only defense against what can potentially turn out to be crippling contract errors and omissions. This is particularly true in organizations with small or no in-house legal staff. In such situations, in addition to the many “hats” they already wear, the financial officer may also be required to function as in-house counsel.

Starting with a few fundamental concepts – offer, acceptance, consideration – the webinar moves quickly to more sophisticated contract elements, such as warranties and indemnifications. Of high utility to many participants will be a focus on when a contract has been fully formed. This emphasis goes to the common concern of many financial officers with the timely –but not premature –authorization of commissions, progress payments, installment fees, and other obligations contingent upon complex terms and conditions. Ultimately the success of the business may depend on the financial officer’s understanding of contract law and how it applies to the organization’s day-to-day dealings.

Please join Dr. James Castagnera, attorney at law, as he discusses the kinds of legal issues that regularly challenge financial officers and offers guidance for avoiding such problems and how to deal with them when they arise

Learning Objective
Just a sampling of what this webinar will cover:
• Review the basic elements of every contract
• Boilerplate: what it is and why it’s important
• The critical import of indemnification, insurance, and warranty clauses
• How to handle a preprinted form that introduces unanticipated terms
• When a sales or licensing agreement is sufficiently secure to support release of the sales rep’s commission
• Whether alternative dispute resolution – mediation, arbitration – is a desirable feature
• Tactics for termination and renegotiation

What You Get
• Training Materials
• Live Q&A Session with the Speaker
• Participation Certificate
• Earn 100 Loyalty points with every booking. You can redeem one live webinar with 300 loyalty points.

At the Q&A session following the live event, ask a question and get a direct response from our expert speaker