Claire C. Holland, Jim’s Business Partner

Claire 2018

Claire C. Holland has been a freelance writer and editor for a decade.  She graduated from Washington College in May of 2010 with a B.A. in English and a minor in creative writing.  Notable accomplishments include major contributions to Jim’s books, including Employment Law Answer Book: Forms and Worksheets (N.Y.: Aspen Law and Business, 2008), an 800-page volume which she edited in its entirety; Handbook for Student Law for Higher Education Administrators (N.Y.: Peter Lang Publishing, 2010, revised edition 2014), both editions of which she edited, and she also did the cover art for both editions;  Counter Terrorism Issues: Case Studies in the Courtroom (CRC Press, 2013), which she edited, and also conceived and painted the cover art.

Please click here to visit her freelance website.

Claire’s new book, I Am Not Your Final Girl, is now available at Amazon.

Claire and Jim are partners in the newly created Holland Media Services.