Meet Jim’s Imaginary Law Partners: Ned and Archie McAdoo



Their first appearance was in the novella Why My Dad Hates Ice Cream, which was originally published by Trafford Publishers of Vancouver in 1996 .  In Ice Cream fifteen-year-old Ned McAdoo gets caught up in his lawyer-father’s pro-bono representation of a charismatic gay client fired from his restaurant job because he’s HIV-positive.  The book is based on a real pro bono case Jim handled in the early 1990s when he was an attorney with a major Philadelphia law firm.

Why My Dad Hates Ice Cream  remains available from Amazon.

After Ice Cream, Jim penned a long series of magazine and newspaper articles on timely topics, mostly featuring Archie, Ned’s dad.  Here are a few examples:

Archie McAdoo on Being a Good Scout,” Journal of Employment Discrimination Law (2000)

“McAdoo Weighs in on Affirmative Action,” The Philadelphia Lawyer (2003)

Joining the Rush for Reparations,” St. Paul Pioneer Press (2004)

“The Ancient Order of Hibernians,” History News Network (2007)

“A Novel Idea,” The Times News (2012)

Then a few years ago, he brought out a second Ned & Archie novella, which he called Ned McAdoo and the Molly Maguires.


Archie and Ned McAdoo take on the case of an animal-rights activist accused of planting a bomb in the Philadelphia Zoo to free its elephants. The paths of 19th and 21st century terrorism cross in this novel’s plot, which is as fresh as this morning’s headlines.  As you can see, this one he self-published on Amazon.

You can read the first few chapters at The History Place.